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Olivia Vergopia | Writer

January 12, 2023

Andrew Tate has been the center of popularity and controversy for many months. Recently, he has been accused of many different crimes in which he was detained for rape and human trafficking. In Romania, he was a part of this investigation as well as his brother, Tristan. 

ROMANIAN COURT arrest. Watertown Daily

Andrew Tate rose to fame by appealing to young men following his influence on promoting a strong masculine and luxurious lifestyle. Many label him as a misogynist, sexist, and many other negative terms.

The case consisted of four suspects who may or may not have created a group that was intended to recruit and exploit girls forcefully, including Andrew Tate and his brother. There were 6 victims identified by the police who were threatened by violence. He denied these allegations by saying it was an act of the Matrix and that they “sent their agents.”

Before Andrew Tate blew up on the internet, he was seen hitting a woman with a belt in a video. He later denied this and said that the video was edited by saying it was a “lie trying to make me look bad.”

Some students think that there is not enough information yet. Sophomore Liam Carroll said “I think his arrest was unjust and arbitrary because of the allegations pushed on him, we don’t actually know that he would do this, but if he did then he gets what his actions cause.”

On the contrary, Sophomore Isaiah Johnson said “I think that this arrest is fair because I don’t fully trust that there is a ‘matrix.’”

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