Kenzie McKinnon – Writer/ Photographer (2016-18)


Hi, I’m Kenzie and I’m a junior at SCHS. I’ve always loved being involved with what’s going on around San Clemente both in and out of school. So, I thought that newspaper would be a great opportunity to expose myself to all the exciting, in and coming events.  Writing and photography is something that’s allowed me to express creativity and who I am as a person. As far as my future goes,  I’ve always dreamt of entering pre-med and then eventually going off to have my own practice. But for now, my goal is just to work hard with hopes that my efforts in newspaper, school, and life will pay off in future endeavors. Overall, I’m really looking forward to being apart of the Triton Times here at school & can’t wait to share some of my work with everyone!

Here’s some of the articles I’ve written!

Welcome Class of 2020!

The Season of Stress: It’s Homecoming Time!

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