Triton Alumni At The Next Level

Stone Sims, Albany

By: Max Jonnaert | Sports Editor

October 24, 2016

Have you ever wondered where some of your favorite Triton athletes are currently playing? Where life beyond has high school taken them? Here is a contemplative list of some of the greatest Tritons in recent history in our athletic programs, now playing at the collegiate level (this list does include the professional level or community colleges).

Brock Eissman, Vanguard


Tyler Ankrom           Cal-State San Marcos

Tanner Brubaker     Cal-Baptist

Kent Burckle       San Jose State

Dan Caresio           Sonoma State

Brock Eissman         Vanguard

Shane Elias-Calles      Vanguard

Royce Jocobsen    Univ. of Hawaii – Hilo

Tanner Lawson     UC San Diego

Andre Pallante    UC-Irvine

Marshall Pautsch    Cal Lutheran

Dylan Riddle    UC Irvine

John Sheaks     Cal-State Long Beach

Will Tribucher   Univ. of Michigan


Gage Shelmidine (M)    Westmont

Jessica DeGree (W)    Hillsdale College

Gabby McGann  (W)     Whitman College

Frankie Pinto  (W)         Brandeis Univ.


Caleb Dixon   (M) USC

Hailey Farnsworth  (W) Stanford

Sam Darnold, starting quarterback at USC


Christian Bailey  Nebraska

Landon Cook     Dixie State

Sam Darnold      USC

Cole Fotheringham     Univ. of Utah

Chris French     Texas State

Andrew Frohner     Cal Lutheran

Blake Gonzalez     Boise State

Sean Harlow      Oregon State

Donte Harringon    Boise State

Ricky Humes      Luther College

Kevin Kling      Rose-Hulman Institute

Marcus Meredith     Murray State

Syd Reynolds     Univ. of Chicago

Chicho Rodriguez     Ohio Wesleyan

Jake Russell     USC

Tucker Scott     Univ. of Utah

Riley Whimpey     Boise State


Sammy Schwartz  (M) Univ. of Hawaii – Manoa

Alexandra Cooper (W) San Jose State

Olga Mihalik (W) College of St. Rose

Isabella Seeburger (W) Santa Clara


Austin Boyer  (M) Cleveland State

Adam Brownell  (M) UCLA

Ryan Crawford  (M) Whittier

 Peyton Garrett(M) High Point

Max Lepley (M) Whittier

Austin Lickley (M) Boise State

Jack Renard (M) Merchant Marine Academy

Jordan Riggs (M) Southwestern Univ.

Stone Sims (M) Albany

Austin Streeter (M) Bellarmine Univ.

Colin Zines (M) Colorado State

Tyler Atkins (W) Whittier

Shelby Thompson (W) Chapman


Gage Zerboni, UCLA Copyright Don Liebig/ASUCLA

Alek Cucuk (M) Sonoma State

Santiago DiGiuseppe (M) Univ. of San Francisco

Kenneth Higgins  (M) Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Bryce Kaminski (M) Univ. of San Francisco 

Blayne  Martinez (M) UCLA

Cole Martinez (M) UCLA

Kyle Rincon (M) Chico State

Trent Shaw (M) Westmont

Dylan Struthers (M) Navy

Connor Tobia (M) Chapman

Gage Zerboni (M) UCLA

Nikki Faris (W) Oregon State

Sydney Fuertes (W) UC-Santa Barbara

Natalie Higgins (W) Oregon State

Brittany Hundley (W) Jacksonville Univ.

Hailey Laub (W) Air Force Academy

Brinna Lee (W) Pepperdine

Katie Milberger (W) Baylor

Kira Nemeth (W) Westmont

Sophia Spralja (W) Sarah Lawrence College

Lauren Kane, UCSD


Melody Forstie    Cal-State San Marcos

Kelsey Horton    New Mexico State

Lauren Kane  Univ. of San Diego

JordynePrussak     Univ. of Chicago


Josh Swart (M) Kentucky

Savannah DuPuis  (W) BYU

Emily Gough  (W) Seattle Univ.


Jay Yeam  (M) Claremont-McKenna

Ashlynn Hall  (W) UC-Irvine

Kayleigh Hall (W) Cal-State Los Angeles


Kelsey Benoit  (M) Univ. of Texas San Antonio

ConnorDunne  (M) Univ. of Colorado

Rocky Fenton (M) Univ. of Texas

Arik Nesbit (M) Univ. of San Diego

Sara Kebede (W) Tulane

Madison Huffman (W)  Clemson

Jack Yoder, USC


Dominic Broussard   (M) UCLA

AJ  Hammer  (M) UC-Irvine

Dillon Hoffman   (M) UC-Irvine

Brandon Hopper    (M) UC-Santa Barbara

Andrew Strange    (M) USC

Jack Yoder    (M) USC

Lucas Yoder   (M) USC

Becca Dunne   (Sand) USC

Taylor Brubaker   (W) Cal-Baptist

Camille Davey   (W) Nevada

Cali Hoye  (W) Univ. of Iowa

Natalie Knauf   (W) Northwest Nazarene

Makenzie Northrup   (W) Villanova

Marie Paris  (W) UC San Diego

Bailey Tanner   (W) Univ. of Washington

Water Polo

Chase Hamming   (M) UC-Berkeley

Adam Sandor   (M) San Jose State

Robby Steifel   (M) UC-Irvine

Alaina Cousineau   (W) USC

Marissa Echelberger   (W) UC-Irvine

Brigette Kimbrough  (W) San Diego State

Amber McCutcheon    (W) San Jose State

Cassidy Smithson    (W) UC-Davis


Jacob  Clifton Northwestern (IA)

Cristian Lopez   Iowa State

Mike Marshall   San Francisco State

Tyler Meisinger   Univ. of Michigan

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