5 Local Teens Killed in I-5 Accident

By Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief October 7, 2014 Five local teens were killed in a car accident heading home from Knott’s Scary Farm last Saturday around 2:15 a.m.. An unlicensed sixteen year old […]

College Profile – Stanford University

By Brannon McCabe | Writer October 7, 2014 Opened in 1891 and located between San Jose and San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley, is the prestiguos Stanford University. Stanford holds the reputation as one […]

College Profile – University of Chicago

By Brannon McCabe | Writer September 23, 2014 Founded in 1890 by John D. Rockefeller and located on the banks of beautiful Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois lies the University of Chicago. Know nationally for it’s academic […]

Putin Pounds the Ukraine

By Saffron Sener | Club Writer Ukraine has been the topic of choice for many news outlets in the recent months, and for a good reason. The Russian-Ukrainian crisis currently occurring has exploded into a near-war […]


This is not a drill. On Thursday March 6th, a bomb threat caused a school-wide lockdown of San Clemente High School. Local police and F.B.I. officers investigated a bomb threat made on Yik Yak, a social media […]

Homecoming 2013

For most high school students, homecoming is a chance to kick off the new school year. It’s fun for everyone, whether you’re a returning student or a freshman to experiencing your first high school dance. […]

Halt! The Principal is Coming!

PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE – these two daunting words can instill fear into the hearts of any student. Thankfully for me, our new principal Mr. Halt greeted me kindly and graciously when I stopped by his office […]

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