Best sunset: Top of the World

By: Brittany Leung | Photographer February 21, 2019 Of the many scenic location in beautiful San Clemente from the pier to the beach trails, the best spot to enjoy a view of the sunset is […]

Best study spot: Panera Bread

By: Sam Giacobello | Writer February 21, 2019 Address: 101 W Avenida Vista Hermosa Finding a place to study in San Clemente isn’t the most difficult thing to do; there’s always Starbucks, Zebra House, and Lavender Lounge, […]

Best after school hangout: Lavender Lounge

 By: Adeeb Bayat | Writer February 21, 2019 Lavender Lounge Tea Company has been awarded with the Triton Times Best after school hangout award. With an assortment of over one hundred different teas from all […]

Best smoothie: Juice Stop

By: Julia Wengier | Editor in chief February 19, 2019 An energetic beach town like San Clemente needs an equally lively smoothie store, and Juice Stop certainly delivers. Juice Stop is a perfect place for […]

Best beach: Lost Winds

By: Hanna Farnsworth | Writer February 21, 2019 While San Clemente is known for its great surf spots and beautiful beaches, we want to know which beach is the best. After narrowing it down to […]

Best candy shop: Rocket Fizz

By: Lang Csira | Writer February 20, 2019 Rocket Fizz displays a colorful, old-time shop window on Del Mar. The shop sells everything from sodas to jelly beans to bubble gum and every candy related nick-knack  you […]

Best pizza: LaRocco’s Pizzeria

By: Julia Wilson | Sports Editor February 21, 2019 The legendary LaRocco’s Pizzeria located at 113 S El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA has been a staple in the local San Clemente food hub for many […]

Best sandwich: Board & Brew

By: Courtney McDonald | Student Life Editor February 21, 2019 According to most of San Clemente, Board & Brew is the best thing since sliced bread. It easily beat out both Humphrey’s and Billy’s for Best […]

Best acai bowl: Banzai Bowls

By: Aubrey Johnston | Photographer February 21, 2019 Does the perfect acai bowl spot exist? Yes. Whether it’s hot or cold, Banzai Bowl is always the go-to acai bowl location for San Clemente High School […]

Best place for a bonfire: Sano

By: Matt Farrow | Student Life Editor Sit back in your beach chair and take a deep breath of fresh salty air before the wind decides to change its heading and choke you with a bombardment […]

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