Best boba: Pho Thahn Bihn

By: Sofia Helmle | Writer February 21, 2019 In recent times, the boba craze that began way back in 2008 has returned to the United States. An acquired taste, these tapioca balls that can be […]

Best free date spot: Barn Park

By: Brayden Young  | Media Team February 21, 2019 Do you want to take your date to somewhere where you can spend time and connect with each other without having to spend a dime? Well […]

Best first date: Fired Up

By: Reid Corley | Media Team February 22, 2019 So, you’ve finally decided to work up the courage to ask your crush out, and they, low and behold, said yes. What now? First, give yourself […]

Best cafe: Rose’s Donuts and Cafe

By: Francesca Best | Writer February 21, 2019 Rose’s Donuts and Cafe is the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Open from 4 am to midnight, its even the perfect place for a late […]

Best gym: 24 Hour Fitness

By: Flynn Lloyd | Editor in Chief February 21, 2019 24 hours provides a lot of time for any workaholic to burn off any of those excess calories – making 24 Hour Fitness a dream […]

Best barber shop: Senor Barber

By: Jason Keany | Editor in Chief February 20, 2019 In San Clemente there are many choices to get a haircut, but one supersedes the rest. Enter: Señor Barber. This niche popsicle stand is sure […]

Best photoshoot spot: The Bluffs

By: Oyuky Bahena | Writer/Media Team February 20, 2019 Rain or shine, a view of the ocean is always aesthetically pleasing, and everyone on Instagram would agree too. With its beautiful overview of the sea, […]

Best thrift store: Salvation Army

By: Savi Raghuraman | News Editor February 21, 2019 Salvation Army is an institution cherished among dedicated San Clemente thrifters. Across all of the secondhand offerings of our city, including La Tienda, Coral Thrift, iHope, […]

Best boutique: Melrose in the OC

By: Nina Kanani | Writer February 15, 2019 Located on Del Mar Street, Melrose in the OC began as a small boutique and has now transformed into two separate stores on Del Mar: Melrose in […]

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