Halloween Costumes Reviewed

By Lyzy Adler | Writer   &   Jasmine Martinez | Photograhper October 30, 2014 Halloween is the one night a year where it is socially acceptable to dress in the craziest things and people will think […]

Action! Drama’s New Director – Mr. Ingram

By Saffron Sener | Newspaper Club Writer November 11, 2014 Initiating his first year at San Clemente High School with the production Almost, Maine, Mr. Ingram, the drama program’s new director, has big plans for […]

Teacher Profile – Mr. Bisch

Rhiana Neidermayer | Writer November 4, 2014 A man of many different faces, Mr. Bisch is a world traveler, devoted philanthropist, dynamic musician, volleyball coach, newly-married man, and oh yeah, a first-year English teacher here […]

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