Creative Writing – Fonts

By, Hailey Griffith | Writer September 13, 2016 Snow is simple cursive letters, the elegant colors and pointed cold. Rain is thin Gothic letters, brutally dark and gently somber. Leaves are an elegant stretch of […]

Loud Crowd Takes SCHS By Storm

By, Max Jonnaert | Sports Editor After a big time feature on the 3.8 million follower Instagram account ‘House of Highlights’ and a plethora of other sports related accounts, SCHS’s Loud Crowd has taken the […]

Movie Review – War Dogs

 Carrison Bleick | Writer/ Photographer/ Videographer War Dogs premiered with a $45 million take in the from box office on August 19, 2016. Directed by Todd Phillips, this movie was one of his first attempts at a […]

Iceland Scholar Trip – A Cosmic Perspective

By Josh Greene | Writer/Photographer September 8, 2016 Last week, students of the AP Environmental Science classes received an unfamiliar brochure to an unfamiliar land: Iceland, the land of fire and ice. Students will have the opportunity to […]

Welcome Class of 2020!

By, Camryn Ostrander | Writer   &   Kenzie McKinnon | Writer September 8, 2016 For anyone, coming into a new and unknown environment can be scary and nerve-racking–especially if it’s high school. For freshmen, coming […]

A Glimpse into Auto Academy

By, Darren DiMarco |Writer September 8, 2016 A class full of oil, metal, gas, and cars, San Clemente High School’s  Auto Academy fires up its engines once again this school year. Excited students ready to have fun, […]

Creative Writing – Lion and Lamb

By, Hailey Griffith | Writer September 8, 2016 They say that the lion fell in love with the lamb, but what if it was the lamb who fell in love with the lion first? What […]

Club Profile – Environmental Alliance

By, Brooke Herbes | Social Media Director September 7, 2016 Welcome Tritons to the 2016-17 school year! This year a group of previous and current environmental science students joined together in order to start up […]

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