COVID-19 in Native American communities

By Clara Helm | Head Editor & Gisele Brandt | Head Editor September 9, 2020 Despite a lack of media coverage, Native American communities have been impacted severely by COVID-19, reporting higher infection rates than the […]

Masks: an American political issue

By: Kaitlyn Harsey | Editor & Jill Greene | Editor  Many believe that wearing a face mask and social distancing will reduce the spread of COVID-19, while others value their own well being over the […]

NBA boycotts: the road to change

By: Ben Cooper | Writer & Seth Hahn | Writer  September 10, 2020 “[explicit] THIS MAN!!!!! WE DEMAND CHANGE. SICK OF IT,” Lakers Star LeBron James said August 26, on Twitter, as his team battled […]

Why are so many people leaving California?

  By: Jack Harris | Writer September 9, 2020 California is the golden state: the place where everybody wants to vacation, where tourists flock from all over the world, and where many dream of living […]

Farewell, Mrs. Kerr!

By Maxine Davey | Editor in Chief & Gabriel Rosselle | Print Editor in Chief September 8, 2020 After 26 years of passion and dedication, Mrs. Lisa Kerr’s extraordinary career at San Clemente High School has […]

Lion of Barcelona looking for a new club?

By: Jason Watkins | Photographer & Owen Simler | Writer Spetember 9, 2020 Lionel Messi, the heart and soul of Barcelona Football Club and a titan in soccer history, has recently informed Barcelona that he […]

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