The reality of Planned Parenthood

By Donya Nadjie | Writer September 19, 2020 Planned Parenthood was built upon the revolutionary idea that women need the care necessary in order to live a long and healthy life with no limits. Planned […]

September is National Suicide Prevention month

By Sage Brislen | Writer September 20, 2020 The prominent stigma surrounding mental health impacts society in ways we may not even realize, which makes providing support and education about mental health in public media extremely […]

Senior spotlight: Alika Ting

By Savannah Gresham | Writer  September 20, 2020 Alika Ting leads an incredibly colorful lifestyle, keeping herself busy by reading, gardening, surfing, and taking care of her five chickens. A typical day for Ting begins […]

Is the college football season happening this year?

By Danielle Generaux | Student Life Editor September 20, 2020 Many families and individuals look forward to college football during the fall season. University students have some of the most exhilarating experiences at their college’s football […]

Zoom Fatigue

  By Donya Nadjie | Writer & Amy Parr | News Editor September 10, 2020 It’s 1:05 in the afternoon on a Friday. All you want to do is crawl up in bed after a long […]

Sports return to SCHS amidst a pandemic

  By: Reaghan Mulligan | Opinion Editor & Brooklyn Staab | Publicity Manager September 9, 2020 As SCHS approaches the fourth week of online learning, school sports teams are jumping into action. Despite the fact […]

SCHS Against Racism: Not just a trend

  By Ava Sinacori | Head Photo Editor & Kate Hedger | Student Life Editor  September 9, 2020 A student- and female-led organization called “SCHS Against Racism” is bringing awareness to voices of BIPOC (black indigenous […]

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