Unofficial ballot boxes found in CA counties

By Kaitlyn Harsey | Arts and Entertainment Editor October 25, 2020 With the upcoming election, there will be more mail-in ballots than in years past because of the recent pandemic. The voters that use these mail-in ballots […]

What is our social dilemma?

By Danielle Generaux | Student Life Editor October 25, 2020 On January 26th, Netflix released the documentary-drama hybrid movie The Social Dilemma. The film explores how social media algorithms are designed to get our attention […]

Presidential Debate 3: The Debatening

By Jill Greene | Head Editor October 23, 2020 Prologue: The Exposition Sweet Jesus. Here we go again. After a first debate bloated with incivility and second-hand embarrassment, as well as a nonexistent second debate, our favorite […]

Spending Little, Winning Big

By Jack Hagen | Writer October 23, 2020 This year in the MLB, an unprecedented number of “small-market” teams qualified for the playoffs and performed admirably. A small-market team is one whose payroll is far […]

NBA Finals 2020 recap

By Ben Cooper | Writer October 13, 2020 The 2020 NBA Finals arrived, in perhaps the most unique season ever, and the Los Angeles Lakers captured their 17th championship, tying the Celtics for the most […]

Debate of The Fly

By Seth Hahn | Writer October 13, 2020 The first and last vice presidential debate for 2020 was beautiful. Obviously, a quality debate such as this deserves to be remembered for a long, long time. […]

Newsom’s new mask recommendation

By Grace Parry | Writer October 13, 2020 Now that restaurants have been open for outdoor seating for several months and limited indoor seating for a couple of weeks, most people know the drill: show […]

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