Clash of the Classes

By: Peyton Lee | Student Life Editor  & Sophie Conone | Writer

May 3, 2017

Color-clad students clashed in effort to prove their class is greater than the rest. Starting on April 24 and ending on the 28th, students and teachers represented each class in a series of competitions in which each class was able to score points– four for first place, three for second, two for third, and one for fourth. The class with the highest total after Friday’s lunch was recognized as the victor.

The battle spanned over the course of a week, with a new event each day. Beginning with the Spring Spirit Assembly, which marked the last one ever for the second semester seniors, each class created their own rap music video with original lyrics. The videos were played at the sports assembly and reflected the grade level’s experiences toward this school year.

Anh-Vy Pham, a senior who took part in the senior rap video, expresses, “I was so embarrassed to watch myself rap at the spirit assembly, but I thought it was funny anyways. It was cool to be able to be a part of it, and afterwards everyone kept complimenting my rapping skills, which was funny.”

ASB seniors organized their video by contacting people who they thought would make good rappers, or add their own flare to the video. Pham says, “We went into the ASB room to do the actual rap. After practicing my lines, we filmed the video the next day. It was super fun to work with Blake Birmingham and Eric Ord because they were super nice and easy to work with.”

The videos were followed with a dance battle performed by teachers that were specifically chosen by each class. In the first assembly, Ms. Dutton, Mr. Enmeire, Mr. Cain, and Ms. Shick, represented each class. The seniors cheered the loudest for Ms. Schick, their representative, winning first place. In the second assembly, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Riem, Ms. Dimperio, and Mr. Signer competed against each other by individually performing a specified dance. The winner, Mr. Signer, representing the senior class, claimed first place based off of the amount of cheers and applause he received from the students.

After the spirit assembly, the series of lunch competitions began, starting with Kajabe on Monday; this gave the sophomore boys a victory and tie for first between the juniors and the seniors on the girls’ side.

On Tuesday, the seniors came away with a spike ball victory. Junior Shane Lockett participated in this event and said, “I was disappointed in the third place, but it was fun to be able to work with Keith Jones as our class cheered us on.” There was a break from the competition on Wednesday, and Thursday’s tricycle race resulted in a four way tie.

Before Friday’s lunch activity, the seniors had a comfortable lead, with the juniors and sophomores within one point of each other, and the freshmen far behind. In a vicious shopping cart race, a student from each class had to race each other while pushing a shopping cart, picking up grocery items around the lunch area. Once the participants crossed the finish line, they had to flip a water bottle to clinch the victory. The seniors were able to get the win, so the class of 2017 proved to be the best once the points were totaled. The sophomores came in second, juniors in third, and freshmen in fourth.

The battle was hard fought, and all participants made their classmates proud. We will have to wait until next year to see how the classes of 2018 and 2019 are able to build off of this result.

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