Best of SC: Bookstores – Mathom House Books

Hundreds of books sit stacked along a wall of shelves at Mathom House Books.

By: Savi Raghuraman | Student Life Editor

March 9, 2018

Mathom House Books, located at 83 Via Pico Plaza, carries a huge, varied collection of both used and new books that made it stand out among San Clemente bookstores. Margaux Ranson, junior, remarks, “I love the atmosphere, with all the colors of books everywhere.”

The shelves upon shelves of volumes in a riot of colors that line the rooms, with stepladders and desks scattered here and there, create an atmosphere of quiet comfort, as do the small details like the way books sit crookedly on the shelves or a customer sprawled on the floor in the corner reading. 

Even with over 50,000 titles, the bookstore maintains an organization unusual in used bookstores, with labeled sections of the store making different genres easy to find. Mathom House Books is also a favorite among San Clemente High School students in particular because it is the site of Anderson Tutoring, which serves elementary through college students. Juju Clark, junior, recalls, “The people that work there are so helpful, and Bill is really cool,” adding that the store “has a great selection of books.” Whether you need some help on homework or want to find a new favorite read, Mathom House Books is an excellent option.

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