10 Things to Do Before Graduation

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — First day of school for San Clemente High School seniors, taken by senior Delainey Isles.

By: Flynn Lloyd | Editor in Chief

September 13, 2018

We’ve made it to the final countdown! Four years ago, we started this journey and now, Class of 2019, it is the last year of our high school experience.

Whether you’re in band, drama, or ASB, our class has spent four years growing and changing together. Senior year is known as the most important year of high school, as it holds the reputation that it is the last year to complete any unfinished goals. Keeping this in mind, the following us a list of 10 things to do before the end of senior year for those who feel that the last few years passed them by:

  1. “I want to go to all the school dances!” said senior Siena Keck.
  2. “I just want to be as involved as possible so I know I didn’t miss out on anything my senior year,” said senior Rhiannon Yanda.
  3. “I want to get scuba certified and be able to go diving out in Catalina,” said senior Olivia Avalos.
  4. “I want to accomplish going to bagel shack when it opens at 5:30 before school,” said senior Spencer Currie.
  5. “I want to get a scholarship for the investment club that I founded,” said senior Matt Farrow.
  6. “I want to start a new school tradition, go to a high school play, and finish TOK,” said senior Owen Africa.
  7. “I wouldn’t say I have one specific top thing that I want to accomplish this year that I haven’t done before, but I just want to get super involved and go to every dance and participate in all the dress up days because if this is the last time we will ever get this opportunity and I want to make the most of senior year!” said senior Peyton Lynch.
  8. “Before the end of high school I want to travel to Boston with Flynn and learn more about how our country’s government works,” said senior Sophie Snyder.
  9. “ By the end of this year I want to get more involved with clubs and activities with my peers who I usually wouldn’t interact with. In other words, I hope to make as many connections with the students in my graduating class so when we all go off we can look back and not regret not getting to know each other,” said senior Natalie Brandt.
  10. The last thing to do before the end of senior year is to make an impact wherever that may be. Whether you have an impact on one person by being a good friend, or 100 by making a change at our school, try and make a difference your senior year.

Triton students offer an array of activities to do before the end of our senior year that range between scuba diving and joining new clubs. However, everyone has one last year to start or finish a high school goal. Soon we will part on different paths and journeys and meet new people, so take advantage of the time we have together. Even if you aren’t sure what you want to do before graduation, try and put yourself out there and have a memorable year. 

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