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NEW look at SCHS as a new hybrid model is released. Varsity Driving Academy

Mirca Gomez | Writer

April 2, 2021

Wednesday night, Superintendent Kirsten Vital Brulte sent out an email confirming the rumors about going to school four times a week. The email said that starting April 26, CUSD is increasing in-person learning and is having 50/50 students go four days rather than twice a week. Starting April 26, blue and gold in-person students will be going to school together. 

Before this announcement, there had been rumors going around about a potential change coming back from spring break, and several concerns were brought up by students. Several students think that it is not beneficial to change the routine when there is practically only a month of school left. 

“I think the change will be difficult for students online because there would be less variety of classmates to interact with and therefore fewer ideas circulating online,” junior Charlotte Fuertes said. “At least with the hybrid model, you had more students online and the opportunity to talk to different students on the blue and gold days.”

This change is not only going to affect the online students; hybrid students will endure an even greater change in their weekly schedules. “This is one of the worst times to change the hybrid model.” junior Lucca Mattiuzzi said. “Making these changes a month before school ends does not give students enough time to adapt, and it is just adding to the stress we already have with finals and AP tests coming up.”

Many students believe that there is no reason to switch up the hybrid model when what we have right now is working perfectly fine, and students have adapted to it. “I do not think it was a good idea to change everything these last couple weeks of school because the students have a good schedule right now and are used to a routine, and with the change, that routine is being disrupted,” junior Samantha Kowalski said. 

Many students have been saying that the school district should have just waited until next year to make changes, especially since more students will be able to attend school next year. “Why not just finish out the year in a way everyone is comfortable with and then just start fresh next school year?” junior Kula Brunson said. 

This sudden change in the hybrid model has also led many 50/50 students to consider switching to all online. For multiple reasons, many students do not wish to come four times a week, and instead would rather just wait until next year to go back to the normal schedule. 

Although there have been many concerns with changing the hybrid model, many students think of it as a positive because it gives a sense of normalcy. Also, many students have been mentioning how this change will give a glimpse of what the next school year will look like when the majority of students will likely be at school five days a week.

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