Finally! Winter formal arives with a bang!

FORMAL was an exciting time for students to get back out there Elijah Chuc

Sofia Sipelis | Opinion Editor

March 1, 2022

At last, winter formal has arrived, students can wear the dresses they’ve had since early January, get ready to take pictures at pines park, and Tritons can enjoy themselves at Winter formal on February 27. 

Formal has been moved several times due to Covid restrictions, originally meant to take place on January 22, Mr. Reid, the activities director on campus, has worked hard to ensure a safe and enjoyable winter formal for all students at the cost of frustrating impatient kids and parents. ASB has received a considerable amount of backlash due to the continuous change in formal dates and venues yet nonetheless, the event was fun and (an important appeal to many) maskless. 

STUDENTS had a great time dancing with friends Elijah Chuc 

The dance was hosted at the Phoenix club, where ASB hosted a prom last year, and was a memorable experience for many. Despite being held on a Friday afternoon, the dance had a casino, a taco and donut truck, and a dessert bar. “My favorite part of the dance, aside from moshing, was the dessert bar,” sophomore Claire Hedger said “It was really fun to finally have a school dance again and I loved the facilities that formal had that homecoming didn’t.” 

The venue was all outdoors which despite being cold, allowed for students to get some fresh air and not feel overwhelmed by compact and hectic venues. “I really liked that the dance was outside,” junior Sam Stark said. “It made it feel really manageable and calm, I loved being able to take a break from dancing to sit and talk with friends or play casino games.” 

Formal was a refreshing change of pace to the Covid-centric school environment, the ability to see each other’s faces, enjoy a school run event, and make lasting memories was a wonderful opportunity for all. If we have learned anything from the past two years in the Covid haze nothing should be taken for granted because you never know when it may be taken away again.

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