Back inside: the SCHS Spring Spirit Assembly 2022

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: SCHS cheer lifts up principal Mr. Carter and the Triton mascot in the gym under the spotlight. Talie Folsom

Talie Folsom | A&E Editor

April 21, 2022

San Clemente High School once again demonstrated unparalleled school spirit in the Spring Assembly, and with many of the previous Covid restrictions being lifted, the event was able to be held inside of the main gym. Lights, lasers, and fog machines greeted students as they walked inside the darkened gym, all helping to re-instill these seasonal events as true core memories of the high school experience. It was the first time for both freshman and sophomores to see a legitimate spirit assembly inside the main gym, with the previous assemblies of this school year being held outside. Finally, the dances returned to the gym for the final spirit assembly of the year. 

“This was my very first assembly inside the gym with all the special effects,” sophomore Addie Flynn said. “I was so surprised about how cool it could be and how much better it was compared to outside on the football field.” 

Furthermore, with these flashing lights various spring sports teams showed off their hidden dancing skills. The event kicked off with the magnificent routine performed by cheer. They flipped and kicked and ended by lifting up King Triton and Principal Carter. The spectacle truly commenced with a energetic bang. 

FLASHLIGHTS: Girls lacrosse end their dance as the crowd participates with swaying flashlights. Talie Folsom

After cheer, the sports teams performed their dances. These included the dances from boys’ and girls’ swim, boys’ tennis, track and field, girls’ beach volleyball, baseball, boys’ volleyball, and girls’ lacrosse. These sports teams put their heart and soul to make the last assembly outstanding.

The SCHS Dance Team then showed off in a spectacular display towards the end. 

“All the dances were really unique,” senior Niko Kaczmarczyk said. “I liked track’s dance the best because they were creative and did things that have never been done before.”

In between the sports dances were also the powerful performances by Color Guard, Drum Line, and Drama’s routine promoting their upcoming play, Footloose. Color Guard’s performance was very inspiring and the drum line hyped up the crowd. Drama’s performance began with an enticing intro video of all the teachers dancing to the song “Footloose” and transitioned into the live dance by the group. The opening night of the final play of the year will be next Thursday, April 28, 2022. 

The class rap videos are a unique aspect of the spring spirit assemblies. Freshmen wore their yellow colors rapping as the whole crowd booed (poor freshmen), sophomores wore green, and the juniors had a high-quality video recording on cars, golf carts, and even in pools. Finally, seniors seemed to do it best, as always, with intense lyrics and an outstanding video.

JERSEYS ON: Baseball crowds together during their dance, all wearing their baseball uniforms. Talie Folsom

“The seniors killed the rap battle, especially on the piano part where they played the popular song ‘Still D.R.E.’ by Dr. Dre,” senior Cora LaFollette said. “It was a big iconic moment followed by the master lyrics from Elijah Greene.” 

The assembly then ended with a celebration of life video for the recent passing of SCHS Assistant Principal Cameron Lovett, as it showed various heartwarming videos and photos of Mr. Lovett and the many laughs he brought to the school. 

Overall, this was likely the best spirit assembly of the 2021-2022 school year, finally back in the gym and with stellar dances all around. The effects were outstanding, the acts were creative, and there were many pleasing videos that contributed to the hype. As the last assembly for the Class of 2022, it was a great note to end on.

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