Homecoming 2022: Your Top 15 Boys and Girls

CLASS OF 2023: Homecoming 2022’s Top 15 Boys and Girls. San Clemente High School ASB

Daniella Flores | News Editor and Publicity Manager

October 14, 2022

With homecoming just a week away, the class of 2023 voted for their “Top 15” boys and girls last week. Seniors gathered in anticipation to hear their class’ top 15 announced at lunch on Monday and Tuesday. 

After all the votes came in there was a seven-way tie between the boys competing for the 15th spot, so it was decided that there would be 14 boys and 15 girls. 

TOP 15 GIRLS: (Pictured from left to right) Tess Darby, Kyla Brown, Melia Hyde, Carly Hoffmeister, Kate Loo, Rino Nishida, Megan Mills, Aly Perez, Madi Nelson, Hannah Eberle, Sienna Seefeldt, Kayla Shanafelt, Kaitlyn Tuttle, and Alyssa Mormile. San Clemente High School ASB

The top 15 girls include:

  • Tess Darby
  • Kyla Brown
  • Melia Hyde
  • Carly Hoffmeister
  • Kate Loo
  • Rino Nishida
  • Megan Mills
  • Aly Perez
  • Madi Nelson
  • Hannah Eberle
  • Sienna Seefeldt
  • Kayla Shanafelt
  • Kaitlyn Tuttle
  • Alyssa Mormile. 



TOP 15 BOYS: (Pictured from left to right) Mason Ord, Gus Jansson, Brandon Malone, Griffin Croft, Trevor Novak, Hayden Dill, Michael Madison, Owen Petri, Luke Smith, Nolan Reid, Aaron Velez, Blake Allen (not pictured), and Bradley Wellikson. San Clemente High School ASB

   The top 14 boys include:

  • Mason Ord
  • Gus Jansson
  • Brandon Malone
  • Dallin Hansen
  • Griffin Croft
  • Trevor Novak
  • Hayden Dill
  • Michael Madison
  • Owen Petri
  • Luke Smith
  • Nolan Reid
  • Aaron Velez
  • Blake Allen
  • Bradley Wellikson


“Wow! I just cannot believe that I was nominated for top 15,” senior Kayla Shanafelt said. “I think it’s so awesome that we seniors can nominate who we feel is truly deserving of Homecoming queen and king.” 

Every one of these individuals has had some sort of impact in the past four years they have spent at San Clemente. These seniors could be the one person who always has the class laughing or a star athlete who leaves it all out on the field. These seniors are an embodiment of the class of 2023 and all that it represents. 

“I just think that it was really cool that I was nominated,” senior Trevor Novak said. “To be considered in the top 15 is an honor, especially because I love SCHS so much.” 

Next Friday, under those magical Friday Night Lights, students will be able to see their votes come to life with the coronation of this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. 

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