Daisy Jones and the Six: adored book to iconic film

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Ava Miller | Opinion Editor

March 17, 2023

The Six, a film adaptation of the best-selling book by Taylor Jenkins Reed, is becoming a huge hit amongst viewers everywhere as it perfectly captures the rock and roll scene of the 1970s. The series took to Amazon Prime on March 3rd, releasing three episodes. The rest are scheduled to gradually follow in preceding Fridays. 

Thought to be based on Stevie Nicks and her influential but brief journey with Fleetwood Mac, the book encapsulates a young band that moves to LA in search of musical success, but their career is intercepted by the entrancingly beautiful and strong Daisy Jones who ultimately joins the band. But the question left hanging was if it was for the best or worse. The book was as entrancing to many as it was to Reese Witherspoon who knew it would make a one-of-a-kind TV Show. After delays due to Covid-19 in 2020, filming finally commenced with Hello Sunshine productions.

Bella Starnes, a lover of the book and now a fan girl of the series comments on what made the new series so loveable: “It perfectly encapsulates the images and characters I imagined in the book. The fashion was amazing and the cast could not have been better. It was absolutely electric and I look forward to watching it every Friday.” 

Starnes makes a valid point. The show would not have been what it is without Riley Kough, granddaughter of Elvis Presley, playing the now iconic role of Daisy Jones, or Suki Waterhouse, a popular musician, playing a member of the band. 

ALBUM COVER of the iconic music curated for the film and performed by the band.  Apple Music

With the episodes’ gradual release, it leaves plenty of time for fans to rave about the show. In the book, Daisy Jones and the Six produced a successful album titled Aurora. Many of the songs were written by Taylor Jenkins Reed, the author. This album was made a reality in the show and became available on multiple music streaming platforms. It hit #1 on the Billboard Soundtrack chart and Billboard Emerging Artist chart. 

From the fashion to the casting to the released album created, every aspect of the Amazon Prime original show makes you feel like you are watching a documentary about an iconic rock band as they rise and fall.  It is currently the #1 Prime Video series proving how huge the fan base of Daisy Jones and the Six really is.

Bookworm Paige Bazansky said, “I am holding off to watch the show until I am done with the book, but it is getting harder and harder with every new preview that comes out. The series just looks so good.”

Fans are loving the fictional 1970s fantasy created, and so are fashion brands. Free People, the popular bohemian style brand, released a Daisy Jones and the Six-inspired line modeled by Daisy Jones herself. Amazon made a site to shop by character with curated pieces emulating their style.  Everyone is taking to the new show with rave reviews, new fashion inspiration, and an even greater love for The Six. 

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