Fall Spirit Assembly: Two Very Different Perspectives

An ‘Uplifting’ Event

Written by: Cheyenne Lassos

On Friday October 25th, students at San Clemente High School experienced a truly moving occasion, their first Fall Spirit Assembly for 2013-14 school year.

Highlighted by dances from the hilarious football team and cheerleaders, an energetic boy’s cross-country team, and an always impressive dance team, it made for an overall entertaining hour.

“I really enjoyed the dance team,” said senior Sarah Carrillo. “They always make the assembly worthwhile.” Audrey Block, another fellow senior added, “I actually liked the football dance… it was really funny and well done this year!”

For freshmen, it was their first assembly, but for seniors it is their tenth of their final twelve before they graduate. Senior Dominic Dilani always enjoys the assemblies, “I feel like they’re uplifting…we look forward to going to school that day just so that we can see everyone and have a good time.” Another Senior Colin Hurlbut, the ASB Activities Commissioner, said “The judges for this assembly were a fun twist and a lot of students seemed to enjoy it.”

This year to add a competitive element ASB asked a few teachers to serve as judges, critiquing the student performances. Earning the highest marks was the boy’s cross-country team for a skit which mimicked scenes from the movie “Old School.” “Dance team deserved to win,” sophomore James Cook said. “But I did think cross-country did a good job. Overall it was great!”

Next season will be the Winter Spirit Assembly which I expect to be as entertaining as this season was.




Fall Pep Rally? More Like the Failed Pep Rally

Written by: Nicole Yu

Walking through a sea of bodies and sitting among them in the sweaty, stuffy San Clemente High School gymnasium was enough to awaken my inner claustrophobia. I can’t help but think optimistically, “Maybe this will be the year – my senior year – when I finally enjoy these spirit assemblies!”

I find my seat in the dark under a sign which reads “ShamWow Seniors” – ugh. So it begins…

Apparently, blasting music at ear bleeding volume and guys dressing up as female ’80s wannabes is supposed to inspire students to root for their school?

“Talk about crummy entertainment,” remarks senior Miranda Bilbao during the show. Another classmate, senior Brian Mew later adds, “Literally anything is more productive than watching ‘Make a Wish’ advertisements between poorly-choreographed dance routines.”

I thought back with envy to a student in my class. Just a few minutes before, she asked our teacher if she could stay in the classroom and do homework while the rest of us walked the road to hearing aids. And, luckily for her, permission was granted. As for me and the rest of my classmates, we were not as lucky.

I peer across the bleachers at the poker-faced freshmen; they were even more disinterested with the whole production than all the seniors, juniors, and sophomores combined. Sorry freshmen, you still have four more years of this.

Leaving the gym and making my way back to class, my mind was like the cracked-asphalt hill I was climbing: distorted. I attempted to gather my thoughts.

First, was the music any good? No. Music that was possibly enjoyable? No. Any music that is turned up to the level that the floor moves and the stands literally shake will definitely be an essential ingredient to a migraine.

“The music was distasteful as a hustler magazine,” senior Mareon Busacay said. “It’s been main-stream for far too long without new or fresh ideas.” Another senior, Hunter Dutton, held similar thoughts, saying “It was too loud and not well-choreographed. The awful music was blasted so loud I couldn’t hear my own thoughts of how annoyed I was with it.”

Overall, I just wish that we could look forward to an exciting, fun, and engaging pep rally. I believe in a school where the pep rallies make me proud to be a Triton and encourage me to be more involved. Mac West, a sophomore, shares my hopes, “I just wish the pep rallies were better prepared and not so loud…I think they could be good someday.”

Yes Mac, we can hope, can’t we?

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