Love is Blind review: Is love blind?

LOVE IS BLIND: Season six of the hit Netflix show continues to ask the question; is love blind? (JustJared)

Chloe Gerhard | Writer

March 7, 2024

The hit Netflix reality dating show, Love Is Blind first premiered in February 2020 and is now in its sixth season. The show asks the question, is love really blind? Currently, Netflix releases new episodes every Wednesday, and with each drop, the internet goes wild. 

Season six has brought the fans new couples, drama, and controversy. The show is similar to other reality dating shows but with a twist. At the beginning of the season, the men and women are separated.  Each day couples go on dates, but these dates occur in separated “pods” so the couples cannot see each other. The idea is that singles choose their match based on conversations and emotional connections, rather than physical connections. In a world consumed by social media and an obsession with looks this experiment can be refreshing, however, things do not always go according to plan as the relationships progress.

After several dates, some contestants chose to propose and vow to marry, sight unseen. If the answer is a yes, the reveal occurs. Couples stand behind doors, which suddenly open and they see each other for the first time. This often occurs with running towards each other and a passionate embrace. The reveal has brought some of the most cringe-worthy moments in the show. While the couples have already pronounced their love, the viewer can quickly sense if the attraction sustains once the doors open, based on the smiles or shock on a contestant’s face. 

NEW CAST: Season six cast enters the “pods” to find their perfect match. (E!News)

“Some of the men on the show are questionable” Senior Marissa Gilbert asserts.

In this season, Chelsea and Jimmy’s reveal has taken the internet by storm. The drama started in the “pods” when Chelsea expressed that she is often compared to Megan Fox. Jimmy was practically bouncing off the walls when he heard this. Flash forward to the reveal, Jimmy declares that she lied to him about her appearance and exclaims she does not look like Megan Fox. It seems like all of America has weighed in regarding this comparison, including Megan Fox’s ex-husband.

After the reveal, the couple jets off on a vacation to get to know each other. Drama is added because this vacation not only gives the couples a chance to become close but also gives the contestants their first opportunity to see those they did not choose or those who rejected them.  This creates tension because essentially, everyone has dated each other. Contestants often start second-guessing themselves when they realize the person they did not end up with is more attractive than their fiance. This is when the contestants start to question whether love is blind.

While watching, the audience often debates whether looks matter and if they do, is that natural or morally shallow?

 Once the vacation comes to an end, they jet back home to their new shared apartment. This is the true test.  At this point, they have just a few weeks before their wedding. When contestants propose, they sign a deal with production that they will stay on the show until the alter.  At that point, they will reveal if they want to get married or break up. This decision must be kept secret from their fiance until the nail-biting moment at the altar in front of loved ones. The decision is either sealed with a kiss or one person running off crying.

Senior Roxana Hernadez expresses, “I feel like it is obvious when the people on Love Is Blind are not in it for the experiment.”

During the first season, there seemed to be more contestants genuinely looking to find their person through an emotional connection. However, the experiment is suffering from success. The more popular the show has become, the more influencer wannabes have taken part in the experiment. These people are not looking for marriage, they are looking for sponsorships. During the last two seasons, many contestants have been accused of going on the show while already in a committed relationship.

While the show may seem like a complete farce, many couples have found long-lasting love and have even started families. Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from season one are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary along with Amber and Barnett. For the first time in the show’s history, there are two Love Is Blind babies on the way. So what do you think? Is Love Truly Blind?

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