Creative Writing – The Resurrections of Society


By, Chloe Rudnicki | News Editor

September 21, 2016

The cameras’ great mouths stretch their jaws

unleashing violent flashes of light.

The great bolts douse its victims in sharp clarity;

The grey of life torn out from the seams

Unveiling the gaping insides of Society,

The lens of human history unforgiving.


Out spills a long, disjointed memory

Hard voices and steeled eyes

Parasitical fear unfurling on millions of faces

A current of anger and silent suffering

Unwieldy words softening minds and hardening eyes.

Hatred and division dressed as beacons of hope

A land forced to bleed in two colors.


The corpse falls under blind, thudding feet

Eyes averted, clubbed black and blue by illuminated reality.

The purity of truth thrusts forth the decay

To minds unwilling to look.

The pulp of Society is lost to oblivion in the crazed rush forward

Content to live in daydreams.


A tangle of desire and jumbled thought

Seep into the brittle bones

Passions unhinged by chaos

Pumping the blood of millions into a specter

Forcing noxious life into its veins.

Society rises;

Resurrected by words and emotion,

Shriveled frames starved for a heart.


New faces replace the old ones.

The same eyes fixed in the sockets.  

New lusts tear themselves free

Fragile and greed-ridden lives

Stitched into the scarred skin

Of the ungainly Creature.


The cavernous mouths now stifle their appetite,

The harsh light fearful of infection:

A shadowy existence with an irregular heartbeat,

Its staccato the constant stop and start of time.

A soul driven mad,

Its starved frame constantly grasping for the world’s forbidden fruit.


The Creature falls in and out of life

Its resurrection left unseen.

A monstrously human soul;

For better or for worse,

In a land that refuses to see monsters

In a world where there is nothing else.


All that remains is the glint of the Beast’s eye

in each blissfully slack face.

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