Chloe Rudnicki – News Editor (2015-18)


This is my second year writing for Triton Times, and I’m so excited to continue to push my boundaries as writer and experiment with new subject material and article type. The written word is an extremely potent medium for news as well as opinion, and being apart of this school’s newspaper has helped my refine my abilities and represent the student body. Journalism has always intrigued me and being apart of newspaper has allowed me to explore this vital dimension of writing in greater depth and significance. I am looking forward to continuing  to learn and interact with my fellow writers on this amazing paper.

I hope to create articles that intrigue the student body and are relevant to life both inside and outside of school walls as the paper continues to blossom.  Here’s to a wonderful year!

Here’s my work for Triton Times:

Millennials: Who are We?

A Home for Two: Navigating the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The “F Word” – It’s Not What You Think

Exploring Faith

Looking in from the Outside: Understanding Terrorism in the Middle East

A Naive Person’s Look at Loss

Creative Writing – The Ghost of Death

4/18/12: Mourning and Loving What was Lost

Lost Room

A Brief Report on the High School Academic Reality

The Terrors of Time – Creative Writing

Triton Times 2016 SC Best of – Restaurant Desserts

The Rise of Two Candidates and the Defeat of the Establishment: The Power of Populism

A Brief Look at the European Migrant Crisis

Political Correctness: A Catalyst for Populist Dissent in the 2016 Elections

A Double-Edged Sword: The Dark Side of Nationalism

Creative Writing – The Resurrections of Society

How Political Correctness has Empowered Prejudice

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