Homecoming 2013

For most high school students, homecoming is a chance to kick off the new school year. It’s fun for everyone, whether you’re a returning student or a freshman to experiencing your first high school dance. […]

Halt! The Principal is Coming!

PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE – these two daunting words can instill fear into the hearts of any student. Thankfully for me, our new principal Mr. Halt greeted me kindly and graciously when I stopped by his office […]

Halloween In and Around San Clemente

As the Halloween season comes to a close, I reflect on this wonderful holiday and all there is to do. Some people look forward to the candy, getting dressed up, or even seeking a good […]

Web Designer

Shikha is a 9th grader at SCHS, and is very excited to be a part of the Triton Times. She plays club volleyball and is a part of the Triton Orchestra. In her spare time, […]

Closed Campus

As yet another year begins at San Clemente High School, we are left alone here. The upper classmen that we watched nervously through the playgrounds of grade school and the cages and quads of high school –poof- vanished. We’re a baby […]

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