Closed Campus

As yet another year begins at San Clemente High School, we are left alone here. The upper classmen that we watched nervously through the playgrounds of grade school and the cages and quads of high school –poof- vanished. We’re a baby bird trapped in its cage as his brothers and sisters flew the coop, but that’s not the worst of it. The worst: a feeling of being trapped.

This year, with the changing of administration and direction of CUSD, our school has become a red and black prison.

Extreme? We think not. Gone are our privledges as seniors to get off campus to grab a good bite to eat for lunch. Gone are our rights to visit our cars during breaks and lunch. Gone is the culture that we had grown so fond of here at  San Clemente.

Now, we’re not proposing that things would be better back to the way they were. The school is cleaner, students are going to class more and actually on-time (tardy sweeps are awesome). All we’re saying is for seniors, give us a little break. Maybe open that cage just a crack to help subside our early onset senioritis.

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