Movie Review – American Sniper

By Hannah Lickley | Writer February 24, 2015 This movie illustrates the true story of Chris Kyle’s journey as a Navy Seal and his struggle maintaining a home life with his wife and children. American […]

Ask Winter

March 4th, 2015 Dear Winter, I cheated on my boyfriend a year ago and he still doesn’t trust me. He brings it up all the time and tells me how much I hurt him. How […]

Winter Froth – Zack Gardner

By, Zack Gardner | Videographer January 29, 2015 San Clemente, California is home to one of the best climates in the world, providing for year round warmth and most of all, waves. Local surfers have been able […]

Tritons Ink 26 For National Signing Day

By Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief February 13, 2015 February 4th at San Clemente High School was an exciting and memorable day for Triton athletes. Joined by their family, friends, and classmates, twenty-six of our own […]

Triton Idol 2015

By Jasmine Martinez | Writer February 24, 2015 Returning this year on Friday, February 6, San Clemente High School’s annual Triton Idol wowed the audience with a range of very talented performances. Consisting of solos and […]

Spring Fashion Column

By Alison Shea | Opinion Editor February 11, 2015 We are at that time of year again; Winter is coming to an end and Spring is in sight. Fashion lovers everywhere are putting away their […]

Restaurant Review – SC Cafe

By Claudia Pacheco | News Editor   &   Elke Kelly | Photographer February 11, 2015 For some of the yummiest breakfast and lunch items in town, cruise over to SC Café on El Camino […]

What is Valentine’s Day?

By Sara Hartanov | Writer February 11th, 2015 February 14th is famously known as Valentine’s Day and is  celebrated all around the world. Cupid and a dozen red roses tend to be affiliated with this […]

Advice Column – Ask Spring

  February 10, 2015 Dear Spring, I have serious issues when it comes to “senioritis”. I have 33 absences just in the first semester and I don’t know how to motivate myself to go to school. Do […]

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