Best of San Clemente – Thrift Shops

By Bennett Secrest | Writer   &   Kian Kiasaleh | Writer March 19, 2015 Originally established to raise money for charities, thrift shops have taken a new form in our culture today. While they continue to […]

Best of San Clemente – Pizza

By Madi Hawksley | Student Life Editor March 24, 2015 Who doesn’t love pizza? No one I know…or want to know. The votes have been casted by San Clemente High School students and Beach Fire […]

Best of San Clemente – Mexican Food

By Brycen Dutchik | Writer   &   Maisie Shea | Writer April 21, 2015 If going to Mexico isn’t an option, finding a Mexican restaurant in San Clemente is the next best thing. Our […]

Best of San Clemente – Yogurt Spot

By Taylor Beard | Sports Editor   &   Martina McAllister | Writer March 20, 2015 1. Yogurtland Yogurtland is one of the best places in San Clemente to grab a quick, cold yogurt on […]

Best of San Clemente – Sushi

By Daniel Richens | Writer March 19, 2015 One of the most popular foods to eat amongst high school students, as polled by the Triton Times, is sushi. Therefore, in an effort to feature the […]

Best of San Clemente – Italian Takeout

By Jasmine Martinez | Writer April 21, 2015 After reading and hearing much about about the locally famous Italian take out Guicho’s, I had to check it out! Location: The Italian take out has two […]

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