Aftermath of Hurricane Patricia

By Jahfreen Alam | Writer November 10, 2015 On October 23rd, Hurricane Patricia shattered records by becoming the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere, originating as a normal tropical storm before mutating into […]

The Physics of the Pumpkin Drop

By Katie Kendall | Writer   &   Melissa Whitsell | Writer November 10, 2015 The annual SCHS physics pumpkin drop held on Friday, October 30th was a smashing hit to say the least. In the spirit […]

Hot New Autumn Recipes

By Shikha Mody | Newspaper Club President November 10, 2105 Chilly weather, cozy sweaters, and fun times with friends and family all characterize the season of autumn. To make good times even better, just add […]

Movie Review: Steve Jobs

By Baron Moran | Writer   &   Katy Clemens | Writer November 10, 205 Since the death of  illustrious Apple CEO Steve Jobs, three movies have attempted to portray his complicated life.  Two of the three films, […]

Getting In Without Freaking Out

By Kian Kiasaleh | A & E Editor     &    Claudia Pacheco | Editor in Chief You spot them trudging through the hallways, uneasy and exhausted. You catch of glimpse of them grasping […]

Creative Writing – Story Unnamed

By Saffron Sener | News Editor November 4, 2015 Running, running. Wild, crazy, free for all. That’s what this was. Confusion and chaos held fast to this situation. Collectivity hid. Uniformity was killed, along with […]

The Modern ‘Thanks’ of Thanksgiving

By Ethan Partridge | Writer November 3, 2015 Thanksgiving literally has it’s meaning embedded into it’s title, a day to give thanks for what we have and appreciate those around us. Thanksgiving is a greatly personal and […]

In Preparation for Turkey Day

By Taylor Jower | Writer   &   El Seabern | Writer November 5, 2105 With Halloween passing, peoples’ mindset shoot straight toward Christmas. Preparing for Christmas can be very time consuming, yet we can not let ourselves […]

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