Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe

By: Alexis Weppner | Writer November 22, 2015 Admit it: We’re all guilty of feeding our furry little friends table scraps! And while it’s quite obvious that they enjoy it — some, so much so, […]

A Naive Person’s Look at Loss

By: Chloe Rudnicki | Opinion Editor December 3, 2015 Sometimes, life decides to take something beautiful and break it. Hearts, minds, relationships, memories:  nothing is sacred to this ruthless monster, powered by time and mortality. […]

Thanksgiving Isn’t All About The Food

By Koby Wolfe | Writer December 3, 2015 This Thanksgiving, the traditional football games were either exciting or just a straight dominant play by one team. There were a great number of amazing catches, impressive […]

Thanksgiving Break Vacations 2015

By: Katie Kendall | Writer   &   Melissa Whitsell | Writer December 3, 2015 Every year for Thanksgiving, students spend their week-long break in captivating spots like mountains, deserts, and even distant beaches. Thanksgiving […]

Making a Splash with Girls Water Polo

By El Seabern | Writer   &   Taylor Jower | Writer December 1, 2015 After losing by one point last year against El Toro at CIF finals, the varsity girls water polo team couldn’t help […]

Starbucks Coffee Cup Controversy

By: Brooke Herbes | Writer   &   Masie Velasquez | Writer December 4, 2015 Remember those holiday seasons with the soothing coffee in your hands, the cup emblazoned with designs that made one feel […]

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