By Ethan Partridge | Writer December 15, 2015 It’s that time of year again. Department stores start playing holiday tunes throughout the aisles, neighborhoods start hanging up decorations, and people try to decide just how much […]

Fearful of Flying?

By Alexis Weppner | Writer December 10, 2015 With the holidays just around the corner, thousands of travelers flock airports, hoping to catch flights to different destinations worldwide. Yet, a common fear among people is […]

How to Make Peppermint Bark

By, Katy Clemens |Writer   &  Baron Moran |Writer Christmas is a time when families come together and carry on traditions they have created, new or old. Many families embrace the festive spirit by decorating the […]

Shooting for Victory!

By: Ily Macpherson | Sports Editor December 4. 2015 While the rest of the student body sits idly behind a desk during fifth period, twirling their pencils, one team is already running drills in the […]

The Other Side of the Window

By, Kelsey Morales | Writer December 3, 2015 A girl sits perched on her window seat in a sparsely decorated room. The walls have been the same faded white for years, and the contents of […]

Creative Writing – Paralleled

By Saffron Sener | News Editor December 1, 2015   Rima sits. She knows nothing but the pain in her feet from walking and walking and walking for what has seemed to her a million […]

Movie Review – Secret in Their Eyes

By: Alison Shea | News Editor December 2, 2015 Julia Roberts doesn’t turn to her usual happy-go-lucky role in this mystery and suspense drama that hit theaters on Friday, November 20. Instead, she plays a […]

A (Not So) Normal Sunday Afternoon

By: Ethan Partridge | Writer November 20, 2015 Twelve o’clock at the new San Clemente Outlets, and business is booming. People are filling the several plazas, looking in at the new wonders that await them […]

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