A Brief Look at the European Migrant Crisis

By, Chloe Rudnicki | Opinion Editor March 23rd, 2016 As the Syrian conflict intensifies and war continues to solidify itself as a Middle Eastern norm, migrants hoping to resettle in Europe once again flood borders and strain […]

The Seal of Biliteracy: Is It Worth It?

By, Maya Fransz-Myers | Media Editor   &   Ily Macpherson | Sports Editor March 23rd, 2016 When planning to graduate high school, every student must have completed at least two years of studying a […]

Movie Review – Zootopia

By, El Seaburn | Writer   &   Solana Loust | Writer March 24, 2016 With limited things to do in your spare time, it becomes a struggle trying to figure out something to do. […]

Restaurant Review – The Cellar

By, Brooke Herbes | Social Media Director March 24th, 2016 A hidden gem of an eatery lies comfortably in southern San Clemente, renowned for its great experiences. Not known for flashiness, The Cellar is  a small […]

Disneyland Price Surges

By, Katy Clemens | Writer   &   Baron Moran | Writer March 23, 2016 At $75.50 for Southern California residents, and $95.00 for nonresidents, the cost of admission to visit Disneyland is way out […]

What if.

By, Anonymous March 23, 2016   What if my dad never got into his accident? Would he and I be closer? Would he not be depressed? Would he not be overweight? What if my mom […]

Celebrating Nowruz

By, Kian Kiasaleh | Arts & Entertainment Editor March 23rd, 2016 Nowruz, translating from Farsi to “New Day,” is celebrated by millions around the world. A festival dating back to ancient times, Nowruz marks the […]

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