Last-minute Halloween ideas

By Owen Simler | Writer October 30, 2020 Many people love the idea of Halloween and dressing up to escape their real life and enter into the world of fantasy, while everyone else despises dressing […]

Daylight Savings

Grace Parry | Writer November 1, 2020 Ever since I can remember, I have loved the “fall back” time change and dreaded the “spring ahead” change, where I would have to get up an hour […]

America is following Poland

By Brooklyn Staab | Publicity Manager   November 1, 2020 Just ten days before the election, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed in a 52-48 vote. For the first time in American history, no senators from the opposing […]

Supporting Trump in 2020

By Harrison York | Head Editor October 30, 2020 Hostility towards conservative Americans has discouraged many from openly sharing their political views. In an election where the stakes have been raised so high, tensions are […]

2020 Proposition voting guide

By Maxine Davey | Editor in Chief October 23, 2020 For anyone turning 18 before November 3 (or anyone just hoping to understand what this year’s ballot is all about), here is a comprehensive guide to […]

The Legacy of Samuel Paty

  By Eden Milligan | Head Editor October 23, 2020 On Friday, October 16, a French middle school history teacher at Collège Bois-d’Aulne was beheaded on his way home from work. His fatal crime? Showing […]

Rare Trump visit takes Orange County by surprise

Savannah Gresham | Writer October 25, 2020 California, an overwhelmingly Democratic state, was not the most obvious choice for a visit from Republican President Donald Trump. However, his motives were not to swing voters, but rather […]

Senior spotlight: Sydney Seefeldt

By Mia Costales | News Editor October 25, 2020 Senior Sydney Seefeldt is a stand-out SCHS student, not only because of her involvement in numerous student leadership programs but also because of her kind spirit […]

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