Modern Day Child Hunger

By Maisie Shea | Writer February 20, 2015 More than one in five American kids live in a “food insecure” household. Food insecurity is defined by the Census Bureau and Agriculture Department as the condition […]

Ask Winter – Advice Column

Hey Winter, I want to ask my crush to formal but I don’t know how, any ideas? Dear Open-minded, Well for a start, it’s always a good idea to ask mutual friends for things that he/she […]

In Defense of Michael Brown

By Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief January 15, 2015 To check out the counter argument to this hotly debated issue, please click here! On November 23rd, 2014 the Ferguson Grand Jury announced their decision to not […]

Ask Winter – Advice Column

Dear Winter, I caught my boyfriend lying to me — I saw on his phone that he had been texting his ex girlfriend. When I confronted him he said that he hadn’t talked to her […]

The True Meaning of Christmas

By Mac West | Writer December 19, 2014 Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas? Christmas has been a family favorite holiday in many households across the world, but more and more people believe […]

Food For Thought

Mohammed Taei | Graphics, Writing November 21, 2014 Upon researching about school meals and their standards I was shocked to find out  that the average school meal is actually less nutritious than the average prison meal […]

Ask Winter – Advice Column

Dear Winter, What is the recipe for the best chocolate chip cookie? I have to make a dessert for Thanksgiving and was thinking cookies! Dear Hungry, There is a special one in my family that […]

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