5 Helpful Studying Tips for Finals

By Claudia Pacheco | News Editor   &   Elke Kelly | Writer, Photographer January 13, 2015  With Winter Formal coming up in less than a few weeks, students are buzzing about what to wear and whose party […]


By Brannon McCabe | Writer December 16, 2014 Enter one of the most heightened rivalries in college athletics and education in California: UCLA vs. USC. For decades, the debate between the devoted fans of the University of […]

College Profile – University of Oregon

By Brannon McCabe | Writer November 21, 2014 The University of Oregon is one of the most popular schools in the mind’s of San Clemente High School students. The Ducks are best known for their athletics – […]

Murder-suicide Strikes Del Mar

By Stephanie Alpizar | Writer/Photographer November 4, 2014 Tragedy struck San Clemente on Saturday October 25th when 59 year-old husband John Patrick Dillard shot and killed his 64 year-old wife Cynthia “Cindy” Jean Rosier in her […]

Action! Drama’s New Director – Mr. Ingram

By Saffron Sener | Newspaper Club Writer November 11, 2014 Initiating his first year at San Clemente High School with the production Almost, Maine, Mr. Ingram, the drama program’s new director, has big plans for […]

Teacher Profile – Mr. Bisch

Rhiana Neidermayer | Writer November 4, 2014 A man of many different faces, Mr. Bisch is a world traveler, devoted philanthropist, dynamic musician, volleyball coach, newly-married man, and oh yeah, a first-year English teacher here […]

Political Column – Rock the Vote

  By Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief October 23, 2014 In the 2012 general election, pitting, Republican candidate, Mitt Romney against, incumbent, President Obama, only 57% of the voting age population participated. This low […]

SCHS Homecoming 2014

Sawyer Labbe | Newspaper Club President October 23, 2014 For every student in high school, homecoming is always memorable – after all, we only get four of them. However, this year’s San Clemente Homecoming on […]

Sign Up to Save Lives at the Blood Drive

By Claudia Pacheco | News Editor   &   Elke Kelly | Writer, Photographer October 23, 2014 On November 7th, Be a Hero, Become a Donor is presenting another opportunity for you to save three lives by donating […]

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