Blind Taste Test: Local Pumpkin Spice Lattes

By Camryn Ostrander | Writer October 27, 2016 ‘Tis the season for leaves, cozy sweaters, never-ending trails of the sweet aroma of candles, and infinite selections of pumpkin-flavored treats to choose from. The favorite pumpkin […]

Sam Darnold: The Dream

By, Max Jonnaert | Sports Editor September 25, 2016 It was the announcement that gave hope to many disappointed USC fans, as their football team started out at a measly 1-2. Looking for a drastic […]

Brock Turner – Privilege or Prison?

By, Gavin Kelleher | Writer September 28, 2016 On January 18th of last year, Brock Turner, a 20-year-old Stanford student, was arrested after two cyclists discovered him behind a dumpster on top of an unconscious […]

Tritons Tackle Upcoming Football Season

By, Peyton Lee | Student Life Editor   &   Renee Malone | Writer September 20, 2016 The resounding phrase of “one town, one team” echos through San Clemente once again as the Tritons approach […]

Into the Woods – Press Release

By Darren Dimarco | Writer September 22, 2016 Fantasy, magic, and all your favorite characters from the Brother’s Grimm fairy tales are present in the SCHS Drama presentation of Into the Woods. Starting September 22, audiences […]

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