The Unseen Effects of Misusing “Retarded”

Below is a speech I wrote for my school’s anti-bullying assembly in seventh grade. It promotes awareness of the hate behind the word “retarded.”   Here’s a question that you probably know the answer to: […]

Halt! The Principal is Coming!

PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE – these two daunting words can instill fear into the hearts of any student. Thankfully for me, our new principal Mr. Halt greeted me kindly and graciously when I stopped by his office […]

All He Does is Nguyen

Is he a student – maybe a senior on the basketball team? No I thought he’s a Brony. What is that again – isn’t it a guy who likes the old cartoon My Little Pony? […]

All Around the World

Three of SCHS’s foreign exchange students gave interviews this week, reminding us of why it’s important to expose ourselves to new cultures and to try new things. Sometimes, it is difficult to imagine cultures other […]

Saylor’s Fight Against Leukemia

For most students, the first week of school is exciting and new but for Saylor Voris, sophomore, there was an unfortunate turn of events. After the first few days of school, Saylor was diagnosed with […]

Girl, What Are You Wearing?

To all the girls in the extremely mini high-waisted shorts with your bum hanging out and bra length crop tops, ask yourself this question: would you wear that outfit to your grandma’s house? If not, […]

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