Billboard Music Awards 2015

By Brooke Herbes | Writer  &   Jenna Nevarez | Writer June 2, 2015 The 2015 Billboard Music Awards was the music event of the year. Every artist that won was deserving, in my opinion. […]

Movie Review – Aloha

By Taylor Beard | Sports Editor June 3, 2015 On May 29, 2015, the movie Aloha directed by Cameron Crowe was released. The film is considered a drama, comedy, and romance. On the opening weekend Aloha grossed close to […]

Dance Concert Spectrum

By Jasmine Martinez | Writer June 4, 2015 Through Friday May 29th – Saturday 30th, the San Clemente High School dance program hosted their highly-anticipated annual spring dance concert. The theme for this year’s dance concert was […]

NBA Finals Preview

By Daniel Richens | Writer June 4, 2015 With one of the highest-rated NBA seasons in the books, tonight’s Finals matchup won’t disappoint. The top records in the league, the Cleveland Cavaliers (53-29) and the […]

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