Creating Reality: A Closer Look into Reality TV

By, Kian Kiasaleh  |  Arts & Entertainment Editor June 1, 2016 Deceptive and alluring, reality-based television has held the viewer and participant captive to its irresistible charm for many years. Fans consider it a “guilty […]

Summer Concert Series

By, Sara Barnes  |  Student Life Editor June 1, 2016 With the school year winding down and summer just around the corner, all throughout campus there is talk about plans for summer vacation. Summer of 2016 […]

Summer in San Clemente

  By, Ily Macpherson | Sports Editor June 3, 2016 As the final days of the 2016-17 school year approach, students and their friends and families begin to plan summer trips and outings. Others begin to change […]

Diving Into Marine Ecology

By, Kayla Castro | Writer June 2, 2016 The science department at San Clemente High School is impressive, offering a multitude of science courses including the popular marine ecology. Recently, a portion of the students […]

From the Triton Times, Beyond

By, Claudia Pacheco | Editor in Chief May 31st, 2016 “Engineering,” I nonchalantly reply to family members when they inquire upon my study plans at Stanford. Truthfully, that reply serves more as a major cover up […]

Puerto Rico Sinks As Debt Swells

By, Jahfreen Alam | News Editor June 1st, 2016 What happens when the overuse of borrowed funds and municipal bonds, a failing economy, and an inefficient government occur in the same country? Easy—an accumulation of […]

Restaurant Review – Bear Coast Coffee

By, Brooke Herbes | Social Media Director June 2, 2016 San Clemente rarely gets new restaurants and cafes that are as unique as this one. What used to be in a little corner in The Cellar […]

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