Getting to Know Your Triton Proctors

By: Lyndsee Nickle | Photographer   &    Autumn Nicolai | Writer February 28, 2017 You know those people in the golf carts that stroll around the school all day? What are they really doing? What are […]

Northern Voyage – Santa Cruz Road Trip

By: Josh Greene | Media Editor March 1, 2017 When infamous super villains such as San Clemente High School juniors Robbie Campbell, Lewis Ahola, and myself join forces, the world should prepare for a rude awakening. With […]

An Entire Month Dedicated to Tests?

By: Ily Macpherson | Student Life Editor February 21, 2017 The month of May is riddled with anxious students who are impatiently waiting for final exams to finish and summer vacations to begin. Yet almost the […]

Restaurant Review – Milk Box

By: Devynn Conte | Writer   &   Michaela Schwartz | Writer February 23, 2017 Looking for a healthier alternative to your daily Starbucks run? Milk Box, located at Kaleidoscope in Mission Viejo, offers a variety […]

Air+Style: Raving for More

By: Solana Loust | Writer   &   Bodie Hobson | Writer February 23rd, 2017 Air + Style is a global Big Air snowboard competition and music festival that features world-class action sports athletes and musicians along with […]

The New Hands Making Our Coffee

By: Ily Macpherson |Student Life Editor February 15, 2017 In the past few weeks, one of the country’s favorite coffee shops has become the least favorite to some after a surprisingly political maneuver. Starbucks, after announcing […]

Disney Stories – Gruesome or Everyone’s Little Dream

February 24th, 2017 By Hailey Griffith |Writer/Photographer In the mid-19th century, the Brothers Grimm wrote fairy tales. Their fairy tales were eventually adapted into films for children. However, the stories themselves were gruesome and dark, dealing with subjects that […]