Restaurant Review: Sancho’s Tacos

By: Ian Warner | Writer May 25, 2017 One thing that  everyone loves in San Clemente is Mexican food. And, as a result, you can always expect for more Mexican restaurants to pop up around […]

Clash of the Classes

By: Peyton Lee | Student Life Editor  & Sophie Conone | Writer May 3, 2017 Color-clad students clashed in effort to prove their class is greater than the rest. Starting on April 24 and ending […]

First 100 Days

By, Meghan Serceki | Opinion Editor May 3, 2017 Saturday, April 29, 2017 marks the hundredth day of Donald Trump’s presidency. Nearly a week prior to this landmark, Trump tweeted, “No matter how much I […]

How Free is Freedom of Speech?

By: Chloe Rudnicki | News Editor May 5, 2017 Stephen Colbert, an alum of the massively popular Daily Show, is an established opponent of Donald Trump. His late night talk show runs rampant with insults […]

Senior Night for Boys’ Lacrosse

By: Max Jonnaert | Sports Editor May 1, 2017 The San Clemente High School boys’ lacrosse team took home the win on senior night after a definitive 19-9 victory over Trabuco Hills, and by doing so […]

AP Environmental Field Trip to Yosemite

By: Josh Greene | Media Editor April 20, 2017 Recently, the AP/IB Environmental Science program partook in their annual field trip to Yosemite National Parks, where San Clemente High School students created lasting memories learning and exploring alongside […]

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