College Football Playoffs

By: Jillian Gellatly | Writer January 16, 2018 Packed stadiums, roaring fans, and young men leaving it all out on the field to return back to their universities as heroes. This is what college football is […]

Rain Hits San Clemente

By: Hailey Daniels | Writer January 24, 2018 This past week, San Clemente has been experiencing some weather Californians haven’t seen in a while. The climate has gone down and a natural phenomenon called “rain” […]

South Africa: The Good and the Bad

By: Courtney McDonald | Writer January 16th, 2018 This winter break, my family and I took a trip to South Africa. For three weeks, we explored this beautiful country, but we very quickly learned that […]

Tackling Senioritis

By: Sydney Burns| Writer January 17, 2018 Many high school seniors today suffer from a  common disease, known as Senioritis. The season of Senioritis begins upon the arrival to school post winter break, which is […]

Star Wars “The Last Jedi” – Movie Review

By: Josh Greene | Media Editor January 7, 2018 The following review contains spoilers. Read at your own risk. An achievement in cinema, The Last Jedi spiritually revisits some familiar territory with a fresh new voice, despite posing […]

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