Harvard Bound: Grace Krantz

By: Claire Vlasic | Writer January 17, 2018 During second semester, seniors have loads of pressure as they eagerly await to hear back from the colleges, in and out of state. Luckily, some students have […]

Plastic Free CUSD

By: Jackson Hinkle | Writer January 17, 2018 On Coastal Cleanup Day in 2016, plastic bottles were the second most found pollutant on our beaches, and plastic bottle caps were the third. In the United […]

An Idiot’s Guide to the Academy Awards

By: Morgan Thomas | Opinion Editor January 16, 2018 With the dawn of award season upon us, marked by the Golden Globes just a few weeks ago, us mere peasants start again, like many previous years […]

Why Hillary Should be in Prison

By: Zac Skov | Writer January 18, 2018 Last year’s presidential election brought up many theories and questions on the validity of Hillary Clinton as a political figure and as a person. While the Obama […]

The Rise of the Ugandan Knuckles

By: Lucas Henkel | Arts & Entertainment Editors January 19, 2018 As the clock strikes midnight, a new year begins with a bang. And when I say a bang, I really do mean a bang, or at least […]

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