Winter Play Preview: “Boeing Boeing” Gone

Image Description: The jet-setting cast of “Boeing Boeing” poses for the upcoming play, smiles all around. Winter Play Preview: “Boeing Boeing” Gone By Peyton Gadbury | Opinion Editor November 29, 2018 As San Clemente High School […]

Car Chronicles: Hypercars and Coffee

By: Eva Gardner | Photographer November 15, 2018 In celebration of Horacio Pagani’s birthday, Pagani Newport Beach hosted Hypercars and Coffee last Saturday, featuring four of the most expensive cars you could ever see in […]

A Student’s Guide To Stocks

By: Matt Farrow | Student Life Editor Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, anyone who is interested in investing should conduct further research. If you are under 18 years old you may need to open […]

Making People Happy

By: Lang Csira | Writer & Aubrey Johnston | Photographer November 9, 2018 Life can be depressing, so let’s talk about something happy; but what makes people happy? As far as I know, and as far as […]

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