The inequality behind college football

By: Lucy Terry | News Editor March 29, 2019 To put it simply, football is America’s favorite pastime. Whether it be families playing at a park, attending exciting high school football games, like our own […]

Tumbling and cheer; how are they related?

By: Abigail Calandra | Writer March 28, 2019 Tumbling, by definition, is “the skill, practice, or sport of executing gymnastics feats (such as somersaults and handsprings) without the use of apparatus” (Merriam Webster). Tumbling, just […]

Your 2019 spring bucketlist

By: Jorjiana Haumea | Photographer March 29, 2019 Ever thought of making or starting a bucket list for spring? Well, it’s that time of the year again! Winter has finally come to an end and […]

Who is Egg Boy?

By Emily Eberhart | Arts and Entertainment Editor March 28, 2019 On March 16, 2019 a mere day after the tragic shooting at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, an Australian Senator, Fraser Anning, voiced […]

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