Mexico city subway collapses – killing 25

Donya Nadjie | Writer May 9, 2021 The subway system in Mexico City, Mexico’s capital, handles over 4,000,000 travelers every day. It is the second largest subway system in the Americas, only surpassed in size […]

India’s COVID-19 crisis

Reaghan Mulligan | Opinion Editor May 6, 2021 As many countries find themselves reaching herd immunity and returning to some sense of normalcy—even Americans can see the light at the end of the tunnel—the COVID-19 […]

Biden’s first 100 days

Ben Meyler | Writer May 7, 2021 On April 29, President Joe Biden hit the milestone of his first 100 days in office. Many of Biden’s actions over the duration of these months have been aimed […]

Pandora switches to lab-grown diamonds

Grace Parry | Writer May 7, 2021 Jewelry company Pandora creates and sells more jewelry than any other business in the world, and they have just shifted to 100% lab-grown diamonds in order to become […]

Jenner headlines Newsom’s recall opponents

Clara Helm | Head Editor May 6, 2o21 As the recall election of Governor Newsom is approaching, California citizens are searching and evaluating new candidates that would fit what they would like for the future […]

Movie Review: Godzilla vs. Kong

Sage Brislen | Writer May 7, 2021 What a classic movie concept. It’s Captain America: Civil War, it’s Batman vs. Superman, Batman vs. Dracula, Monsters vs. Aliens, Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf, and it’s Godzilla vs. Kong; […]

2021 Oscars

Mia Costales | News Editor May 4, 2021 After almost a two month delay due to Covid-19, the 93rd Academy Awards have been long-anticipated and of course, with every award season celebration, there comes controversy. […]

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