Girls Water Polo 2021-2021 Season Preview

Ruby Hawbecker | Writer December 16, 2021 San Clemente High School’s Girls Water Polo is off to a strong start in the 2021-2022 season with new Head Coach Ikaika Aki, previously an assistant coach at […]

School vaccination requirement update

Nicolle Generaux | Arts and Entertainment Editor December 16, 2021 Ever since Governor Newsom’s announcement of the new COVID-19 vaccine requirements for schools, parents and students alike have been questioning whether the plans will actually […]

Mr. Popovich: teacher and coach

Robert Schumacher | Writer Mr. Popovich brings an energy to San Clemente High School that is unparalleled. Whether it be in the classroom or on the basketball court, he’s always ready to inspire and guide […]

The Earth’s black box

Cassidy O’Toner | Writer December 16, 2021 If we had any hope to overcome our current environmental crisis, the earth’s new “black box” may have potentially catastrophic connotations. Seeing as how this structure will be […]

Looking inward and onward to 2022

Sosie Casteel | Head Editor December 10, 2021 We have learned a lot over the last couple of years with challenge after challenge. With a new variant threatening our peace once again, we can only […]

Blizzards and flooding hits Hawaii

Helene MacBeth | Writer December 12, 2o21 For most people, Hawaii is known as a warm, tropical paradise with a “year-round summer.” Hawaii is the destination where many families choose to spend their vacations, looking […]

NFL playoff picture

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor December 12, 2021 As the NFL season comes to an end, we are starting to see some clear front runners for the 2021-22 Super Bowl. Though there are a few […]

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