New Knott’s Berry Farm rules spark controversy

FUN FOR ALL?: Knotts Berry Farm announces new policies. Deadline

Olivia Vergopia | Writer

September 16, 2022

The Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California has recently announced a new policy in regards to the “unruly behavior” that was displayed by teenagers in the park. Many videos can be found on social media showing teens fighting and others fleeing for their safety.

It all started on July 16, 2022, when there was a violent scuffle between teenagers that pushed Knott’s over the edge. In the past, they only mandated that children 17 and under had to be chaperoned on both Fridays and Saturdays. Now, they are leaning toward making it a requirement on more days because they are “committed to keeping Knott’s Berry Farm a place where families and friends come together to enjoy a one-of-a-kind park full of homegrown experiences and immersive entertainment.”

CHAPERONE POLICY enforced Sunday, July 16. Deadline

The rules of chaperones state that they have to stay with the group throughout the whole day, they must be 21 or older (they have to prove their age), and they can watch up to three guests (age 17 or younger).

That’s not all of the new policies, though. There is also now a dress code that states clothing cannot be offensive or violent. Clothes are not allowed to disrupt “the general safety of guests or associates” and “Rides and attractions may also have additional restrictions on dress attire.” 

So, is it fair to punish all teens for a couple of trouble-making teenagers? Will all of these new policies scare away business at Knott’s Scary Farm? Most teens do not like parent chaperones hovering around, but let’s have a look at what some of them may think.

“it’s their business and if it has gotten to a point where they think it needs to be enforced like that, then it should be allowed,” junior Luke Pinto said.

In opposition, junior Gavin Sowle said “I think it is not fair to us respectful teenagers who aren’t causing any trouble to be held to the consequences that other rebellious and careless teens have brought upon themselves. Ultimately, I’d say it’s quite unreasonable”

So the question is, is this theme park just trying to protect people or being unfair to teens who have not done any wrong?

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  1. Like i get it that they want to protect everyone, but it is unfair for them to make this rule plus a dress code for the park in what to wear and not to wear. We are not at school at all, its an amusement park. A question I have is do you think in the the future would they take the rules for having an 21 year old person that have to be with the kids that are 17 and younger?

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