Sierra Adams – Photographer (2019-20)

Sierra Adams is a junior at SCHS. This is her first year in newspaper and is excited for the many memories to come! She enjoys spending time with her labradoodle Bella, which she calls “Tuba” […]

Matea Eib – Photographer (2019-20)

Matea Eib is a Junior at SCHS, and it is her first year attending Newspaper. She’s very enthusiastic, adventurous, and knows how to have a good time. She runs, and has been running for many […]

Bella Barbernell – Writer (2019)

“Bella Barbernell is one of the most outgoing, genuinely honest people I know. You could tell just by her hair! Always count on her to cheer you up because she’ll never fail with that chatty […]

Flynn Lloyd – Editor in Chief (2018-19)

Whatsup! Flynn is a senior at SCHS and this is her second year writing for Newspaper. She’s very excited to continue her involvement around campus and lead the school Newspaper! Flynn is president of an […]

Jason Keany – Editor in Chief (2018-19)

Jason Keany is entering his second year at the acclaimed publication, Triton Times. In his senior year at San Clemente High School, Keany plans to create a lasting impression on the program with the new […]

Lucy Terry – News Editor (2017-19)

Lucy Terry is 17 years old and a senior at San Clemente High School. In her free time, one can usually find her playing soccer, reading, or hanging out with her friends. Spending time with […]

Savi Raghuraman – News Editor (2017-19)

A senior at San Clemente High School, Savi Raghuraman is serving the Triton Times as an editor for her second year. Last year, Savi held the position of Student Life Editor, working with newspaper writers […]

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