Three Day Fiesta – Day of the Day

By: Victor Mendoza | Writer   &   Stephanie Diaz | Photographer November 1, 2016 Have you ever heard of a three day holiday? Day of the Dead is a traditional Hispanic holiday dedicated to honor […]

International Rising Football Star Gareth Bale

By: Robbie Campbell | Writer October 31, 2016 Coming through the righteous ranks of Southampton F.C’s academy, Welsh professional footballer Gareth Bale has burst onto the international scene, carrying the Wales national team as they […]

“Opinionated” or Simply “Woman”?

By Meghan Serceki | Opinion Editor November 2, 2016 Opinionated (adj): Conceitedly assertive and dogmatic in one’s opinions. We all know an “opinionated” person: someone we believe to assert their views and not open these beliefs […]

Lifesaving Makeup Tricks!

By: Hailey Duncan| Writer October 28, 2016 For many of us girls, make-up is our way of expressing ourselves. SCHS senior Lexa Coleman states that “Makeup can do a lot of things for somebody. It […]

San Clemente Sand Replenishment Project

By: Luke Overin | Writer November 2, 2016 After 15 years of federal planning, new sand is near for the beaches of San Clemente. This sand is planned to be placed over two-thirds of a mile of […]

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