Let Us Not Grow Weary

By, Meghan Serceki | Opinion Editor November 15, 2016 Tuesday night, the world watched in awe, and I, like many, in fear. Just that morning, I had been filled with hope for the future of […]

CIF Football Hype

By: Josh Greene | Media Editor and Max Jonnaert | Sports Editor November 13, 2017 After a decisive 36-13 win over the Chino Hills Huskies, the San Clemente Triton Football Team has pushed themselves further into […]

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear President Elect Donald Trump, Hello. My name is Saffron Sener, and I am a citizen of the country you will soon command. In the wise words of Thomas Jefferson, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes […]

The 45th President of the United States

By: Luke Overin | Writer November 16, 2016 Some people believe that Donald Trump will not be a good president due to his loud mouth and aggressive words. However, he has many great qualities and […]

Conscious Eater – Meet Your Meat

By: Gavin Kelleher | Writer November 4, 2016 Love yourself, the earth, and the creatures on it: My personal experience as a vegetarian of seven years, and why you too should consider a compassionate lifestyle. First […]

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